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Frequently Asked Questions

On this page, You'll find answers to your pressing questions and At the bottom of the page you'll find all my contact info, too.


What can I expect at a Studio Appointment?

The gate entrance to the studio has plenty of parking nearby. The gate will be open, come right in! I'll be excited to meet you! Prior to your Studio appointment I will prepare clay according to the order you noted when you booked.

We'll discuss the details of your order (color, shape, fonts, etc.) and take the clay impressions. 

The whole appointment usually takes about 15 mins.


Stay Little does events?
Tell me more!

I am so excited and grateful to be invited to your event and to meet your friends. I make hosting as simple as possible! 

You will receive a Link to a sign up form to share with your group, here guests can fill out contact info, order details, and a window of time during the event to make clay impressions. This is to make sure that my table doesn't get overcrowded and everything runs smoothly.

You can also invite a group to our studio to Play and make handprints. In that case, everyone can arrive at the same time and enjoy each other's company while they wait!


How long before I get my finished order back?

Orders are Typically ready for pick up 8 weeks after your studio appointment, Sometimes I will have a quicker turnaround time during less busy times. Very rarely, usually around the holidays or summer break, Orders may take longer. At the time of your appointment, I will give you a pick up date and will be in touch if anything changes.

If you have a deadline, I am happy to try and accommodate special requests, just ask!


What does a host have to do at the event?

As a host, you should not have to coordinate anything on the day of the event, unless you want to add something- most of my hosts have just enjoyed the additional traffic of a handprint event and nothing extra is necessary.

The event guests will come back to pick up their orders and hosts get the opportunity to connect with families again.

Clay is prepared prior to guests arriving and I will handle all the order forms, payment and customer relations while families are making their hand and foot impressions. My set up is minimal. I usually use a table already on site, if available. for busier events I will also roll some clay on site.


How will I receive my order?

When your order is ready (yay!), I will contact you to let you know it's time to pick up. If you had a studio appointment, Your order will be available for pick up in a basket on my front porch. If you made an order at an event, then the pick up will be at the event location.


How will we market the event?

I create marketing graphics for you to share if you'd like, or provide any images you'll need to make your own. I provide a display of sample handprint items and a sign with a QR code to make signing up on the spot easy!

Before the event, hosts should share the date and link with all their guests. If you're hosting a business or community event, make sure to promote it on social media and your website. Don't forget to talk it up in person, too! Spreading the word about your event is crucial to bringing in traffic on that day.

I want to make sure your event is a success, so if there is anything I can do to support you with marketing, please let me know!

Still have questions?

Text 503-930-6856


IG @staylittlepdx

Please include your child's name when you contact me with questions about your order.

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