Fall Events!

September 10th, Sherwood, OR

Private Event in partnership with the Embrace compassion organzation

September 16th, Symposium Coffee, Tigard, OR

Blooming Love Mama/Baby Support Group 9:30 AM, email to join

September 23rd , Smockville Montessori School 

Christmas ornaments event for Fall Fundraiser

October 1st, Child's View Montessori School

Christmas ornaments event for Fall Fundraiser

Piccolo Mondo Toys events:

Saturday, October 22nd

Saturday, October 29th

Saturday, November 5th

LEKA Playland, Tigard

Friday, October 7th 9:30-12:00

Sunday, October 16th 9:30-12:00

Admission fee required, play all day for price of one child

Email to attend 

My Gym, Sherwood

Friday, October 14th 2:00-3:00, 4:00-5:00

Choose a session to come and play! Admission required for non-members

Email to attend 

Please reach out to me with questions or to book your School Fundraiser event! Money goes back to your school or group for each item ordered. I love working with Mom groups, play boutiques, and more!