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This little planter has a beautiful “imperfect” texture that is ready for you or your little one to make one-of-a-kind. Makes a great activity or gift for someone special as a kit or as a finished piece. Kits come with three paint colors, three different sized brushes and your ceramic piece. This kit is available for Porch Pick Up only. Bring your painted piece back to be fired at our studio. *not responsible for pieces broken at your home.

Paint-at-Home Planter

  • The paint included in your kit is a lead free, non-toxic, food safe (after glazing and firing) Underglaze. It usually washes off with water if the paint goes somewhere it shouldn't- however Stay Little makes no claim that it will not stain, so you are responsible to prepare your space as necessary. 

    These paints can be mixed and watered down to your desired color and consisitency. 2-3 coats of not watered down paint will create and opaque cover on your ceramic. A water color effect can be accomplished by adding water to thin the paint. See gallery of pictures for an example of the opaque and transparent color coverages. 

    If you desire more than three paint colors with your items see item listed as: Additional Paint

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